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For over twenty years, Clean and Green Solutions has been providing NEW CANEY STUCCO CLEANING and continues this tradition of excellence in exterior cleaning today. New Caney is a charming, quaint, unincorporated community in Montgomery County. With population of approximately 20,000 people, they have a few famous residents. These include former astronaut Robert L Crippen and professional baseball player Adam Dunn.  So many residents have reached out to us for NEW CANEY STUCCO CLEANING service.  We encourage you to do the same! 


The thing to remember with NEW CANEY STUCCO CLEANING is to make sure any stucco surface is not pressure washed with high pressure blasting.  This will most likely damage the surface.  Instead, we use a soft wash method with less pressure than what results from an ordinary garden hose.  A professional grade cleaning detergent gently penetrates and lifts stains upon application.  Then, a follow up light rinse removes stains and immediately kills all algae and mildew spores.  We also specialize in removing challenging and difficult stains.  Rust, grease, graffiti, gum removal, and gutter brightening are just a few examples of additional services we provide.



NEW CANEY STUCCO CLEANING can be provided for both residential and commercial properties.  Homeowners and businesses alike appreciate the stunning visual results and prompt communication which we provide.  We always provide a free onsite consultation and provide a free, itemized written estimate that is custom suited to your property needs.  Roof cleaning, window washing, concrete cleaning and wood restoration are just a few of the additional services available to New Caney residents. 


We invite you to reach out in the way that is most convenient for you.  You can call or text 281-883-8470 or email  You can use the web form by CLICKING HERE.  Our passion is to make the process as hassle free for our customers as we possibly can because we know your time is valuable.  We are fully insured and affiliated with the UAMCC.  




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Clean and Green Solutions has been PRESSURE WASHING COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES for over twenty five years.  We understand how important it is for buildings conducting business to look fresh, clean and attractive.  When commercial properties are neglected from a visual, structural and maintenance perspective, it sends a terrible message.  Potential customers and clients will assume the business lacks a commitment to excellence.  They may also assume the organization lacks funds, and may conclude they can’t get a quality product or service there. Thus, PRESSURE WASHING COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES is vital for the growth and survival of the organization.


The services that we provide when PRESSURE WASHING COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES are as follows.  We provide roof cleaning, building wash, and window cleaning service.  Clean and Green Solutions is proudly certified for safe elevated platform operations through Sunbelt.  In addition, we provide extensive concrete cleaning services for walkways, driveways and parking areas, including garages.  Many commercial properties have heavy gum markings, which we remove.  We specialize in stain removal that includes rust, oil, and graffiti.  In addition, we provide parking lot restriping service.


We have an extensive list of previous customers that can attest to the superior quality of our work.  If fact, we traveled to Florida recently to complete work on a hospital that contained many difficult stains.  These stains were on windows and exterior wall surfaces, and were difficult to remove due to age.  The building hadn’t been cleaned in years!  Our PRESSURE WASHING COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES list of customers also includes banks, restaurants, and office buildings.  Shopping plazas, hotels, apartment complexes, senior living facilities, and preschools are also on the list.  We also have extensive experience working with churches, funeral homes, and industrial service facilities.  We are always glad to provide references upon request.



We are glad to work closely with Property Managers, Facility Directors and Home Owner’s Associations.  We also schedule the work at times that are most convenient and will present the least challenge to customers and residents.  This includes weekend or overnight scheduling.  While many organizations do some degree of their own pressure washing work, we know they can’t do it all.  There are difficult stains to remove, spaces that are too high to reach, and other challenges that require professional service.  We strongly believe that “TEAMWORK MAKES THE DEAM WORK!”  We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your team for PRESSURE WASHING COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES!


PRESSURE WASHING COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES is our passion in two major metropolitan regions.  While we are based in Houston, Texas, we are expanding into the Tampa, Florida market as well.  We welcome the opportunity to provide a free estimate.  Call or text 281-883-8470 anytime for   PRESSURE WASHING COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES service.  Clean and Green Solutions is proudly certified through the UAMCC.