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Here in the greater Houston area, our SOFT WASH STUCCO HOME service is in high demand.  This is due to the fact that many homes consist of a stucco finish.  Stucco is used to cover surfaces that are not visually appealing, such as concrete or metal.  It is highly porous, which is why stucco can stain so quickly and easily.  Stucco is a fine plaster that will not hold up well under high pressure cleaning.  Pressure washing a stucco home will result in unfortunate damage to the surface.  We always recommend that homeowners not allow anyone to use a pressure washer to clean stucco.  Chipped paint, more cracking, and water intrusion are just a few of the unintended consequences of pressure washing stucco.  This is why our SOFT WASH STUCCO HOME service always delivers the best results.


Our SOFT WASH PROCESS utilizes light pressure, less than that of an ordinary garden hose.  We apply a professional grade cleaning detergent that gently penetrates and lifts stains without damaging the surface. The SOFT WASH STUCCO HOME process is then followed up with a light rinse, removing stains.  All mold and mildew spores are immediately killed.  Thus, they will not relocate with high pressure and reappear later.



When working with an exterior cleaning contractor, insist on seeing their credentials.  Don’t let just any pressure washing company provide soft wash stucco home service.  They should be insured with adequate coverage specific for providing pressure washing services so that any damage they cause will be covered. In addition, research their years of experience and certifications.  Clean and Green Solutions has over twenty five years of experience and is presently certified through the UAMCC.  We understand that your home is perhaps your greatest investment.  So we strive clean without damage, protecting the property and contributing to increasing curb appeal and overall property value.  If you have a specific need for LaHabra Stucco Cleaning, we invite to click here and learn more about this soft wash stucco home specialty service.



Clean and Green Solutions provides free estimates and on site consultations for commercial and residential properties.  We serve entire Houston region which includes Kingwood, Porter, Humble, West University, Belleaire, Spring, The Woodlands, Memorial and all other greater Houston areas.  Check out our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and subscribe for more information.  Call or text 281-883-8470 if we can be of assistance, answer any questions you may have, or would like a free estimate.  In addition to our soft wash stucco home service, we also provide roof washing, concrete cleaning, gutter brightening and clean literally any exterior surface.


by Clean and Green Solutions Clean and Green Solutions



At Clean and Green Solutions, we want our customers to understand the importance of pressure washing insurance. Some pressure washing contractors may save money and carry very generic policies with low coverage levels. But we DO NOT cut corners on insurance coverage! To our knowledge, we participate in the only insurance program in the country designed specifically and solely for pressure washing contractors. The best part is that our coverage includes protection for property owner damage or loss in the course of our work.


As an example, one Illinois pressure washing contractor had a devastating loss. The tip from the spray gun flew off smashing right through a window, damaging furnishings and the floor. His policy was not sufficient to cover the damage because there was a “care, custody, and control” exclusion. By contrast, our policy includes this provision. The “care, custody, and control” coverage is sometimes referred to as “faulty workmanship” coverage.


It covers any loss or damage to the customer’s property resulting from any mistake the contractor makes. This includes both residential and commercial property. It is a vitally important part of insurance coverage, and you’ll want to always work with contractors who have it! Some of the other important coverages we have include: Blanket Waiver of Subrogation, Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement, Voluntary Property Damage, and Workman’s Comp.


We encourage all customers working with pressure washing contractors to verify that their insurance coverage is valid and active. Make sure their coverage is sufficient to cover any damage or loss to your property as a result of the work they perform. Unfortunately, many in our industry claim to have insurance coverage, but will let the policy lapse for non payment when business is down. So make sure the policy is valid and active.


Make sure their coverage is sufficient to cover loss or damage to your property they might cause. For this reason, upon request, we will put our customers in direct contact with our insurance provider. Customers can then confirm our policy is active and the coverages are sufficient. This will provide great peace of mind in the event of accidental damage or loss.  Clean and Green Solutions is a certified company through the UAMCC.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE!