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We have quite a bit of experience fixing pressure washing damage. We get calls from homeowners who just had a negative experience because something went wrong. Sometimes it is structural damage to a surface such as stucco or vinyl siding because pressure was too high. Often times, it’s because a particular stain they expected to be removed was not. Recently, a homeowner was seeking to have rust removal through concrete cleaning. However, the cleaning techs ended up just spreading the rust stain all over the sidewalk. It was a brand new home in a brand new neighborhood. It was new construction, but the concrete was completely ruined. That’s when they called us!

Pressure Washing Damage


When technicians use too much pressure, there are many potential risks. First, damage to the surface can occur. This is why we SOFT WASH the roof and exterior walls of homes and businesses. Second, too much pressure can result in water leaking into the structure where it does not belong. Again, SOFT WASH is the solution to this risk. Third, too much pressure in the hands of those not properly trained can result in serious injury. And finally, improper use of too much pressure results in “tiger stripes” or zoro marks. This is the result of uneven etching into the concrete surface because pressure is not balanced.


We may not always be able to repair damage to the surface, or that results from water intrusion. But we can correct tiger stripes and other typical rookie mistakes. Don’t call just anyone for your pressure wash driveway project! Make sure you call upon a season, experience professional to avoid rookie pressure washing mistakes.


Some pressure washing technicians are not fully aware of the wide variety of cleaning agents available. They end up using only water, or perhaps some combination of water and bleach. But there are many helpful cleaning agents designed to remove specific stains. We have over 25 years of experience working with agents geared toward specific stains. These include rust removal, grease, paint, mold and removal of other specific stains. Water alone, or even water and bleach is no match for these difficult stains. We often get calls to remove stains that other cleaning contractors were unable to remove.


Inexperienced cleaning technicians may not do enough to protect plants, or even pets. When working with bleach, appropriate measures must be taken to protect the environment they’re working in. When areas are not pre-saturated with water and appropriately covered, bad things result. This is why the cheapest price is not always the best price! Beware when cleaning contractors save you money, because they are cutting corners. And it will probably end up costing you more money in the long run.

Fixing Pressure Washing Damage is something we do often. It’s never fun because we deal with customer frustration. They spent money on a service that wasn’t delivered. But it is somewhat rewarding to be able to fix someone else’s mess. Clean and Green Solutions is certified through the UAMCC .  If you need pressure washing damage straightened out, call or text 281-326-9828

Pressure Washing Damage