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PRESSURE WASHING COORDINATION WITH DISTRICT MANAGERS is something we do with excellence.  Many nationally recognized brands have strategically placed DISTRICT MANAGERS who handle a certain number of properties.  This is true for a wide variety of industries such as restaurants, banks, stores, fitness facilities, automotive dealerships and services, and many more.


PRESSURE WASHING COORDINATION WITH DISTRICT MANAGERS can be a challenge because their time is at a premium.  With oversight of many millions of dollars in resources, not to mention personnel, others pull them in all directions.  The number of phone calls, emails, internet inquiries, and mail received daily is overwhelming.  For this reason, it is imperative to respect their time.  Be courteous, but not chatty.  Take good notes and listen carefully so that they don’t have to repeat themselves.  They may not respond or reply as quickly as we might expect. But this doesn’t mean they have forgotten, or are ignoring the proposal we have submitted.  Be patient when it comes to communicating and coordinating with these DISTRICT MANAGERS.  This is because there are many demands upon their time.

Pressure Washing Coordination


PRESSURE WASHING COORDINATION WITH DISTRICT MANAGERS means that you could be working on multiple locations.  Each location is unique, so one proposal for one location may not apply to all locations they oversee.  These properties may vary in size, as well as in how dirty they become and how often they require cleaning.  Some of the many variables that affect estimates include: size of the property, the amount and location of trees, water access and storm water run off performance, amount of automotive and foot traffic, as well as other variables.  These and many other variables affect the cost of cleaning.  They also affect how often cleaning is needed.  Remember that DISTRICT MANAGERS have oversight of dozens of properties.  Each property is unique and will need to be considered individually.


Precise and timely communication is required for PRESSURE WASHING COORDINATION WITH DISTRICT MANAGERS.  With the high burden of responsibilities they face, it is important to keep communication strategic, brief, and on time.  They are juggling deadlines and budget considerations.  Also, sometimes they need to coordinate with others to approve project estimates.  If communication is not concise, prompt and complete, they’ll likely look for other cleaning contractors for completion of the project.

Clean and Green Solutions is proudly certified through the United Association of Mobile Cleaning Contractors.  We invite DISTRICT MANAGERS in need of PRESSURE WASHING to call or text 281-883-8470. We can schedule an appointment for consultation and free estimates.


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Clean and Green Solutions is proud to announce we have completed our COMPLIANCE DEPOT CERTIFICATION!  Thus, this certification provides a much higher level of confidence for property managers who work closely with vendors. Through “vendor credentialing,” property managers have access to insurance documents and professional licenses.


With a secure, centralized storage system, this simplifies the process for vendors and over 12,000 apartment communities. The property manager is able to verify vendor credentials.  As a result, this eliminates the need for vendors to send paperwork to multiple locations. Consequently, this is the apartment industry’s largest online customer base which saves time and reduces errors. In addition, it makes it much easier for vendors and apartment communities to transact business.

Compliance Depot Certification


Through COMPLIANCE DEPOT, vendors are able to participate in RFPs, or REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS.  As a result, bids, quotes and proposals are sent online through the OpsBid solution.  All project related documents can be stored and shared easily online.  So this greatly streamlines and simplifies the entire sale order process for products and services apartment communities need.


Specific COMPLIANCE DEPOT CERTIFICATION requirements include the following basic elements.  First, an annual fee of $99 paid directly to COMPLIANCE DEPOT.  Also, a current W-9 as well as proof of adequate insurance coverage based on industry code must be submitted.  The company and owner must pass background checks, and a vendor agreement must be signed.

Compliance Depot Certifications

Greystar and Sync Residential are just a few of the many organization utilizing vendors with COMPLIANCE DEPOT CERTIFICATION.  Clean and Green Solutions welcomes the opportunity to provide exterior cleaning services for all Houston area apartment communities.  Call or text 281-883-8470 to schedule a free, on-site consultation and free estimate for apartment community projects of any size.

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Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas is one of the services we offer that you may need.  This safe cleaning process allows us to remove even the most stubborn stains without damaging the surface.  Using high pressure  can cause significant damage that often times cannot be repaired.  Therefore, I strongly recommend always using a professional company like ours. Extensive experience and proper equipment are requirements to achieve results you desire without damage.

The Houston Texas region has many different types of stucco on homes and buildings.  Each type requires different treatment.  This is because you cannot clean all surfaces using traditional power washing methods.  When hiring an exterior pressure washing company, accepting the lowest bid is not always wise.  In addition, it can lead to more costly repairs after the job is complete.  This is due to the person or company doing the work not having the proper education and experience.  Then, to top it off, the person or company does not have the proper insurance. This leaves the property owner to foot the bill for the repairs.  See our article HERE on proper pressure cleaning insurance.

Certified Pressure Washing Company

In conclusion, all of our cleaning technicians are properly trained to clean a wide variety of different surfaces.   This gives you the peace of mind that your property will be cleaned safely and without damage.  Our company is also a Certified Pressure Washing company through the UAMCC.

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

The picture in this article is a before and after cleaning of a recent Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas job we performed.  We were able to safely clean and restore the stucco, using our low pressure soft washing methods.  This returns the stucco to its like new, original condition.

For all your Houston Texas Pressure Washing services, please call or text us at 2818838470.  We will be glad to provide you with a FREE on site consultation and estimate.


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PRESSURE WASHING RESTAURANTS is a specialty of Clean and Green Solutions, and we take great pride in it!  We have extensive experience working with stand-alone structures, as well as restaurants that share space with retail facilities throughout Houston.  From fast food and fast casual to formal dining restaurants, we can handle the project with ease.  We use professional grade equipment to provide exceptional service.  We have over 25 years of experience in the industry.  The visual results are stunning!While we love to eat in restaurants, we also enjoy pressure washing restaurants!


Pressure washing restaurants is of utmost importance because first impressions form by what they see on the outside.  The parking lot, walkways and building entry area either draw more customers in, or turn customers away.  Have you noticed there are always more customers inside clean restaurants than dirty ones?  This is because when customers see stains and dirt on the outside, they assume it will be the same way on the inside.  This why concrete cleaning should be scheduled monthly or quarterly!


Some customers literally look at the back area before they make their decision whether to dine there.  Making sure the dumpster pad and delivery areas stay clean communicates a message of excellence.  Rodents are drawn to these areas because of neglect, which then draws them into the building itself.  Even when your back areas are hidden from customer view, it’s still best to keep it clean!  Pressure washing restaurants means back areas too!

pressure washing restaurants back area


Customers do not want to have to deal with wet parking lots and walk ways when entering a restaurant.  It ruins their shoes and tracks mud into the building and into their cars.  It also increases the likelihood of slip and fall injuries with accompanying legal exposure.  This is why we provide after hours cleaning when pressure washing restaurants.  We also find that the visual results are much better when foot traffic is eliminated as the work is completed.

Clean and Green Solutions is certified through the UAMCC .  For pressure washing restaurants with Houston’s premier exterior cleaning contractor, call or text 281-326-9828 to review a free estimate.

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Pressure washing funeral homes is one of the unique projects Clean and Green Solutions enjoys. Having grown up in the church and presently leading in ministry, we understand the needs of funeral homes. Funeral Home Directors are great to work with, and staff is always helpful and highly professional. When pressure washing funeral homes, we provide for the following important factors, helping us to stand out!


Schedule planning with funeral homes must remain flexible. Whenever a death occurs, the family meets with the Director to make arrangements for the service. There will be last minute cancelations and changes because these are important events.  A cleaning crew must not be present during funeral services. Funeral Home Directors have our utmost respect in the work they perform with grieving families. It is never a problem to reschedule an exterior cleaning project so that families suffering loss are the highest priority. In fact, it may require rescheduling multiple times before it can be completed. This is completely appropriate when cleaning funeral homes and cemeteries.


A complete and thorough inspection must be performed before exterior cleaning begins. Particularly when it comes to a mausoleum, it is imperative that water does not leak where it does not belong. Soft washing grave markers, retaining walls, statues, bridges and other decorative pieces requires extraordinary caution when assessing their condition. An in depth inspection must determine the method, approach, and cleaning solutions used for these very special properties.


Many of the surfaces on funeral home and cemetery properties are unique. Marble, sandstone, limestone, granite and many other surfaces are not typical on other properties. These unique surfaces require an extra level of expertise and might be in need of repair before cleaning. Years of neglect sometimes result in hairline fractures and heavy biological growth. All of these important factors must be taken into consideration before power washing can be properly and safely completed. We are ready for these unique surfaces when pressure washing funeral homes and cemeteries.


When pressure washing funeral homes, it is a given that there will not be a service when scheduled to clean. However, families may still be on property visiting a gravesite. For this reason, there are several things we keep in mind. First, we make sure our appearance is professional and respectful. While we can’t wear a suit when cleaning, we are mindful that our appearance must be appropriate for the grounds. Secondly, we keep noise to an absolute minimum. Thirdly, we would make sure the needs of visiting families come first. We consider this a part of the exceptional customer service experience we strive to provide. Finally, we are very mindful to keep our vehicles only on portions of the property where appropriate.

Pressure Washing Funeral Homes is always a personally fulfilling and rewarding opportunity for our company. It is not something we take lightly because of the extraordinary work they accomplish. Call or text 281-326-9828 for a free estimate for pressure washing funeral homes.